Contractor Compliance was founded on the belief that there is a user-friendly and business savvy way of managing legislative compliance, listening to a need voiced by our customers. The demand was in place for a tool that could help make current processes more efficient, eliminating the failures of paper, overflowing inboxes and spreadsheets.

Our customers wanted a solution that would prevent countless hours following up with vendors and allow them to focus more on the things they wanted to be doing, and so, Contractor Compliance was born.

The aim of Contractor Compliance is to avoid the delays that arise from incorrectly completed paperwork, missing certification and miscommunications on project plans; the frustrating problems that arise even after meticulous planning and double checking before contractors arrive on-site.

Contractor Compliance saves time, money, and resources by having the requirements in place prior to the work being started, and then having the system follow-up automatically when things begin to expire or need to be reviewed again. The ability to check qualifications, certifications, distribute pertinent documents, and collect required information allows projects to start on time, and stay on course no matter who works on it.

This Windsor-born company is changing how forward-thinking players in industries including utilities, healthcare and construction manage worker compliance, health and safety training and qualification and legislative requirements, with Contractor Compliance now helping over 40,000 active users.

Why Contractor Compliance?

Contractor Compliance is a software platform that simplifies the everyday management of contractors. It helps you check qualifications, track projects and paperwork, and shows compliance levels in real time.

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