Why You Should “Take It To the Cloud” With Contractor Management

For industries including healthcare, utility/utilities, construction, and manufacturing, contractors are and always have been a cost-efficient way to meet resource needs and source the best skills for your projects. And that’s not likely to change any time soon. But thanks to cloud technology, the way we hire, manage and communicate with those contractors has changed…

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How to Manage Conflict When Working With Third-Party Contractors

Sometimes, things just don’t work out. It might not be anyone’s fault — or perhaps you feel strongly that it is entirely someone’s fault! — but regardless, regularly working with outside contractors brings about the occasional conflict. But should a conflict arise, it doesn’t necessarily mean that a situation is beyond all repair. Most often,…

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Managing Utility Contractors? Your Top 3 Challenges, Solved (Through Automation)

If your utility company is struggling to keep pace with managing a growing number of third-party contractors in the workplace, you’re not alone. Too often, outdated or manual processes pose significant administrative burdens for hiring organizations who find themselves bogged down in day-to-day inefficiencies. So, here’s the good news: automating some of those efficiencies with…

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3 Smart Hiring Tips to Protect Your Organization From Compliance Risk

For many organizations, the reliance on third-party contractors is a lucrative part of your business model. Yet managing contractor risk is an ongoing challenge – especially for industries with changing regulatory environments such as manufacturing or utilities. And in today’s media arena, where corporate responsibility is held to highly visible and often-unforgiving social standards, it’s…

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Staying the course: how to prevent contractors from leaving early

When our organizations hire contractors, it can be easy to assume that they will be with us for at least the length of time stipulated by the role offered to them; but contractors often have the right to leave employment earlier than originally agreed, and some choose to exercise it. Putting time and resources into…

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Let’s talk about it: 6 ways to improve communications with contractors

When hiring contractors, we all strive for healthy working relationships. Invariably however, unforeseen problems, delays or conflicts can arise, and it’s how we communicate to find solutions that can make the difference between staying on track, or finding ourselves on totally different pages. Here at Contractor Compliance, we’ve compiled our top 6 ways to ensure that…

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From paper to cloud: why compliance is going digital

Hiring contractors is nothing new; employing a construction company to get building work off the ground, or bringing in an IT freelancer to implement a new software system is all part of running an organization and sourcing the best skills for your projects. But the way we deal with contractors, and the compliance issues associated…

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Whatever else you’re building, don’t forget to build your brand

3 ways for contractors to showcase their business  You know that your business has all the tools it needs; a strong team of staff, all of the necessary skills and qualifications to undertake a range of jobs, and a portfolio of impressive experience. But what are you doing to let everyone else know that you’d…

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How to make compliance mutually beneficial

When it comes to compliance, organizations and contractors need to work together. Alongside the main project you are collaborating on, both parties should be focused on abiding by regulations, following protocols and ensuring that all of the necessary documentation is in place, in a way that suits everyone. A mutually beneficial approach to compliance will…

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5 Questions to ask when buying Contractor Management Software

Contractor Compliance connects you with contractors, giving you a platform to request and archive qualifications, documentation and evidence of compliance. But if you’re new to contractor management software, what should you be looking for when choosing the tool that’s right for you? Let’s take a look at the top five key factors you should be…

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